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Day 5; February 10 and Day 6; February 11th

Thank you for everyone reading our posts on our mission trip to Jamaica! we are sorry that posts didn’t come that fast but that is due to  wi-fi  issues.

Day Five:

We met and discussed with pastor nelson about his contract with EFC Newport. It was very good and we had a great discussion! We came on agreement and un-officially adopted EFC Zion as our sister church. We also Appointed Jasmine Hann as the EFC Zion Financial Advisor. We then had a half day of fun at the beach to snorkel and soak in the sun.


Day 6th: We arrived at the airport safe and sound! We then arrived and went through customs at Orlando perfectly fine! We are now about to board to providence in just a few mins!

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Day Four: Feb. 9

Day Four:

Pastor Paul and Pastor Donald Nelson baptized two people: an older woman and a younger man. It was in the river, in a lush setting. It was a glorious moment those who attended will never forget.

Then we held Sunday School and the church service from 10am to 1pm (a short time by Jamaican standards)

Pastor Nelson preached from Exodus  “let my people go.” He announced repeatedly with much emphasis and energy “It is a new day in Zion.” It was clear the sermon touched many hearts and many came up for prayer.

Then we got take-out Jamaican Jerk from the world-famous Scotchies and brought it back to the villa. We met with Pastor Nelson, his family and 3 church leaders to discuss the future of Zion. It was a productive conversation.

Then we had the night service at 7pm, led by Pastor Paul, aka “Pepper Preacher.” He brought the Word from John 6 about “true hunger and how we must radically trust Jesus.” He also challenged the people of EFC Zion to get on the bus, because God is doing a  new thing in Zion and the bus is leaving soon. Then we had an amazing time of worship, testimonies and prayer. Many people were touched by the Holy Spirit. It was an amazing night.

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Day Three

Day 3: Saturday

Hi friends, sorry we are late posting, we will post about day four a little bit later! Day Three was wonderful! We started this morning in Zion listening to Pastor Nelson preach about fasting. He is passionate about Zion and wanted the community to fast with him and pray for an awakening there. Then we all joined them on a prayer walk through the community. We prayed for people we passed, we prayed for every road and every group of people, we prayed for the schools, we even prayed for those who said prayer wouldn’t help them. A powerful moment was when we prayed for a woman with AIDS. We claimed Zion for Jesus Christ and kicked the devil out. It was clear there is a new day in Zion: God is doing a new thing and moving in new ways.


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Second Day!

It is our second day here in Jamaica and we got right to work!  We went to Granville Girls Home, which is a group home for girls who have been abandoned, abused, or troubled.  Connections were made quickly.  We first played football, frisbee, and kick ball with the girls.  Christina kindled a relationship with a young girl named Jamaya.   She had the opportunity to witness to Jamaya and give her the hope of her eternal Father.   After fellowship, we moved into devotion and testimonies.  It started out slow but after asking the girls to lead the worship, they began to open up.  They had the opportunity to give their testimony, pray or ask for prayer and give praise.

After lunch we headed to  EFC Zion to meet the new pastor, Donald Nelson.  We spend 3 hours discussing his vision for the future of the church and community.  We made plans for the next few days to prayer walk through the community, meet the pastor’s wife and kids, and discuss how we will move forward in possibly partnering with Zion in the future.  A common theme since we arrived is that missions teams bringing donated items causes more harm than good and all future teams must stop bringing donations down.  This was confirmation that God is working to align the vision between us, Frank Carter, and EFC Zion.

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Day One!


Jetblue canceled our flight due to the snow on wednesday but luckfully we got re-booked for thursday morning. We had gotten to the airport safe and sound and through security fine. not just that but early with time to spare, thanks to george roberts our driver! We also got some food in our bellies, thanks to the nice staff at johnny rockets.  Now we wait to board our plane to new york and from there jamaica!

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Day Six

We had the privilege of starting our day with the kids from Holland High School. Bill Montoya and Will Watson led the students with songs followed by the skit performed by Melanie, Jasmine, John, Chris and Jay. Everybody was deeply moved. Pastor Bill Lawson continued with an amazing morning devotion. It was encouraging to see the value given to the students the way the Holland High School does. This was followed by a day of sightseeing and fun for the team.



The team performing the skit in front of the student.


JMT 2013!

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Day Five

Today was a little bit of a late start. We attended worship service at Zion Evangelical Friends Church. The team was asked to participate and lead in several areas of the service.

We started with adult Sunday school led by Bill Lawson while Mel, Jas,  Jeannie and Jon led children’s church. They were blessed to have twenty children in their class. The children were given a clear presentation of the gospel.

Later Will and Bill led the congregation in song. Mel, Jas, Jon, Chris and Jay also performed the skit  “What Love Really Means”.

Readings, messages, the sermon and  more singing filled the 2 hour day service. We had a lot of fun and it was definitely a learning experience for all and a great experience on seeing how other cultures Praise God.

After the service we distributed the donations that we brought to Zion.

Unfortunately the night service got cancelled due to pouring rain and we didn’t get a chance to say our “good-byes” to our friends.


Bill Lawson leading Sunday School


Mel and Jon teaching children Sunday School


Jas and Jeannie with the children


Will and Bill leading the congregation in worship

IMG_0216 2

We would like to thank all of you who donated clothes for our mission.

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Day Four

Today was another very productive day for the team and a beautiful day here in Jamaica. We headed toward Zion Evangelical Friends Church where we had the joy of reuniting with many of the Jamaicans we’ve worked and worshipped with in the past — Yvonne, Cynthia, Popeye, Judy and others. One team painted the floors of three rooms of the multipurpose building, including the Sunday School room. The second team cleaned up the neighborhood.

After short lunch break we visited with the girls from Granville Female Juvenile Detention Center. We played ball and jump rope with the girls in the school yard. Bill played guitar with the girls and even gave them brief guitar lessons while they played Jamaican songs on the drum.

The girls were really moved by the drama performed by Mel, Jas, Jon, Chris and Jay. Tears rolled down their cheeks. It was a very emotional experience for the girls of Granville and for the members of JMT 2013. We were able to donate a suitcase full of girls clothes and shoes.

We ended the day with the last part of our small group study (Restore by LifeChurch.Tv).  This sparked an wonderful conversation on the future of our Jamaica Mission Team.


Jay painting the floor of the multifunction building.


Jon and Bill preparing the Sunday School room for painting


Jeannie reading a book to the Jamaican kids.


Jas, Erik and Jeannie playing ball with the kids.


Bill singing with the kids


Mel fellowshipping with the girls


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Day Three

Today we spent our third and last day at Montpelier. We all went today. The ladies as well as a couple of the guys painted the interior walls of the Church Santuary. The rest of the guys continued work on the kitchen along side our Jamaican leader Budget. Today was all about form work. See the photos below. Budget’s kids along with many of the other local kids came out to hang with us. Soccer games broke out with the boys throughout the day.We donated four suitcases of children, women and men clothes, shoes and stuffed animals. The fellowship between  the team and our Jamaican friends was an experience we will cherish and hold in our hearts forever.We closed out the afternoon saying our goodbyes. We now feel much more connected with those involved with New Life Evangelical Friends Church. We Thank so much for the hospitality of Pastor Martha Stewart and her family, the church family, as well as Budget and his family. By mid afternoon we returned to No Problem Villa and continued our small group study (Restore by LifeChurch.Tv) This study has really challenged us in the way we think about missions – locally as well as globally.

The day ended with a wonderful team dinner at Glistening Lagoon followed by wonderful boat ride and swim at the Lagoon.

Also, thank you for the wonderful comments.  Your prayers, words and support bring us great comfort and strength which helps us to overcome our challenging work day.



Jon, Will, Budget and Jay at work


Erik and Bill putting together a frame


The  kitchen after three days of  hard work.


Mel, Anne, Josie, Jas and Jeannie painting the sanctuary

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Day Two

The men worked hard on completing the kitchen walls. Played soccer with the Jamaican. They had a great day of fellowshipping  amongst themselves and with the Jamaicans.  We all were in awe of the hard work, skill and technique of the kitchen team leader Budget.  And also enjoyed not only his leadership but also his son Anthony who came down and gave us some important shoveling techniques that in his eyes we were sorely lacking. It was long tiring and hot day but they left with a sense of accomplishment and looking forward toward giving their all again tomorrow.

The women sorted through, organized  and prepared all the donations; prepared the Sunday School lessons and made sure that our internet was back and running.

We ended the day with wonderful bible study on missions lead by Jay which opened the door for great conversation




Sorting of the donated clothes



2013-02-13 15.04.55


The foundation of the wall in the beginning of the day.

IMG_0401 IMG_0400


The kitchen wall at the end of the day.


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